What makes building a home with Bigelow Homes different and unique? We deliver homes with innovative and affordable design, built around the way you live, and personalized to your specific needs. Our team provides a home building experience with unmatched integrity, and personalized service. The Bigelow Homes team is dedicated to helping you design, build, and move into the home of your dreams with the peace of mind of our long-standing reputation for quality and financial stability. So if you're ready for a home building experience like no other, then get ready to experience Bigelow Homes.

"We're homebuilders and developers," said Joel Bigelow, who founded Bigelow Homes over 30 years ago when he was just 19 years old. "I'd describe our company as aggressive, hardworking, and honest. Through hard work, you can overcome a lot of negatives. It's hard for me, starting this as a young man; I never dreamed that our Building and Development company would do over 50 million a year in sales. I never dreamed that we would be this large, but things just kept on happening and I guess my model and my vision has been to do the best job possible for the least dollar and to be honest and to be ethical with our customers."

Each development project builds on tradition and reputation for satisfying our customers. Currently, Bigelow Homes has housing developments in 10 different communities. From Rochester to Kasson to Pine Island, we have model homes in the right prices and the right subdivisions and the right areas of towns that fit the needs and lifestyles of new home buyers today. We’re excited to be a part of your journey as you find the perfect lot for your perfect home. From each of us at Bigelow Homes, thank you for inviting us along!